About the Charity

The National Breast Cancer Research Institute is a national charity that funds a comprehensive research programme at the National University of Ireland, Galway lead by Professor Michael Kerin.

Launched in 1991, the key objective of the charity is to fund relevant, ethical research into the biology of breast cancer. This research investigates the causes of this disease and helps to improve treatments and outcomes for patients.

Breast Cancer is the highest cause of death in middle aged women in Ireland. Research is at the core of finding out more about this disease. The Breast Cancer Research programme based at the Lambe Institute for Translational Research. NUI Galway, is patient-focused, involved clinicians and scientists and contributes to new knowledge, treatments and better outcomes. Translational Research, i.e. bringing lab findings to the clinical setting, is a long-term commitment and expensive. Our research programme will benefit hugely from your support.

Our research team collaborate with genetic scientists, clinical triallists, medical technology engineers and Big Data engineers at universities and hospitals here and abroad. Our research is not only impacting breast cancer here in Ireland, but across the globe.

The charity relies on voluntary contributions and does not receive direct funding from the government. We raise funds for research from charity events, community-based fundraising, and support from individuals and companies.

The National Breast Cancer Research Institute is running this campaign to help raise funds to develop medication and treatments to improve the outcomes for breast cancer patients. Visit BreastCancerResearch.ie to learn more about the charity.